Backpack Training Day 1

I’ve returned to my backpack training regimen. Living at home with my mum has been hard on me in terms of diet and exercise. She feeds me too much and buys too much candy, which is always hard to deny myself when it’s glaring at me from the cookie jar. I’m extremely weak to the ways of chocolate. Due to my crazy work schedule as a freelancer, it’s been hard to have regularity with my workouts as well. I go to the gym maybe twice a week, and my running has been here and there.

So, I’m putting my foot down and getting myself together as far as my training. I still don’t have an exact date for the Enchanted Rock hiking trip, but I know it will be in the spring months, and I need to be ready by then. Especially because I was such a flop at the Guad.

Today I did a 20 minute run with an approximately 15 pound pack weight. The exact weight is a little hard to tell when you’re using hardback books as your training gear, but I used the scale to get a general idea. The run felt pretty good, and I was able to keep a good pace, though I could tell at the end that extreme humidity today was pretty hard on my system. I can’t tell you how much I hate humidity. I feel like I have to be amphibious to deal with it. Plus my last doctor told my that my lungs function at a higher capacity than the average patient, (I’m very proud of that if you can’t tell) so maybe that’s why I always feel like there’s never enough air available on humid days.

Can’t wait for Enchanted Rock. Gonna show those boys I’ve toughened up a bit!

Stats for today-

Time: Approx. 20 min

Weight: Approx. 15 pounds

Temp: 68 degrees, with approx. 40% humidity (I have a hard time believing it was only 40%)

Distance: (No measurement)

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One thought on “Backpack Training Day 1

  1. I’m excited to follow your future adventures. This year, I’ve gotten more into backpacking and am loving some day winter hikes that I’ve done. Also, for 2012, I resolved to start an online community of women adventurers – which also includes an online adventure workshop. Looking forward to seeing some of your training tips and regimen. Would love for you to check out Roam Life: Roam Your Soul.

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