Backpack Training Day 3

Whoohoo!!! Day number three. I feel pretty much awesome that I’ve kept myself regular, but I really shouldn’t celebrate yet. This was actually yesterday’s routine, I just got caught up and didn’t write it out until today.

I did some weight work yesterday. Most of my routine I have developed out of Crossfit style components. I’ve been considering joining a crossfit group but I like working out by myself way too much. Plus the expense is currently an issue for me. So I kept the routine light, especially because I was feeling under the weather yesterday afternoon. (It’s a full blown sick day today…)

Stats for yesterday:

60 Squats with 8lb medicine ball

20 second advanced planks (using a box and a yoga ball), x3

20 box jumps

3 push presses (bar only) alternated with 5 burpees, x3

15 deadlifts with 20lbs

5 pullups alternated with 5 triangle pushups, x4

30 lunges with 10lbs raised

20 leg lifts

20 side crunches with 10lbs

20 kettlebell swings (10lb)

10 Alex’s (I think I invented them, a little like a burpee but with hand weights and full pushups) 10lbs

DISCLAIMER: I just want to say that I’ve been doing this stuff for a month or two, and if you don’t have any weight training, do not attempt some of these things before getting proper instruction. You can and most likely will hurt yourself. Also something to consider is that your tendons can get damaged wayyy before your muscles can, so even if you feel like you might be able to push yourself with some extra weight, keep in mind that the damage my show up later. It’s never a good idea to jump straight into an intense routine. Always work up to a good weight.

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