BPT Day 5

This was yesterday’s 😛 Lighter than I would’ve liked, but I was pressed for time. Pretty sore still! Probably will be for a while. Some high school boys were in the gym with me, and it’s always nice to be throwing around weights like the big boys!


5 push presses (just the bar) + 7 burpees + 5 push presses with 10lbs + 7 burpees

20 box jumps

10 deadlifts with 20 lbs

5 pull-ups + 10 triangle push-ups x2

20 squats with 10 lb medicine ball + 40 squats with 8 lb medicine ball

30 lunges with 10lbs raised

20 second plank x3 (minute total)

20 side crunches per side with 10lbs

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