BPT Day 6

Whoop! Day six! My schedule has been getting a little messy and I skipped my cardio in between weight training days, so I decided to focus on cardio and core yesterday. Also, I don’t think I’ve really ever mentioned this, but I have a lengthy pre and post workout stretch routine. I think it’s very important to warm up well, otherwise you can’t do your best, and you might hurt yourself.


10 minute cycling

2 minute jump rope

1 minute punching bag carry

20 box jumps (taller box this time!!!)

Miscellaneous tricep work that I can’t remember… (I really should’ve brought a note pad to the gym)

10 Pull ups + 10 triangle push ups x2

5 Push presses + 10 burpees x2

100 squats with 8 lb medicine ball

2 minute plank with yoga ball

40 yoga ball crunches

20 ‘L’ leg lifts

20 floor side crunches (per side)

30 leg lifts (per side)

30 rainbow glut crunches (not sure what they’re really called, but that’s my name for them)

5 up-hill runs

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