BPT Day 12 & 13

This first one was from Wednesday… I have a little backlog of workouts to record 🙂

In the morning I had a 10 minute stationary bike ride. It was very refreshing and helped me feel more awake for the rest of the work day.

Later that day I did some weightlifting and an additional 10 minute bike ride.


10 minutes on the bike at a good clip

30 box jumps

50 seated rows at 45 lbs

60 Red hot chili pepper rope jumps

5 pull-ups + 7 triangle push-ups x3

60 squats with 8lb medicine ball

3 push presses + 5 burpees x3

60 Russian rotations

25 L leg lifts

Small box step ups (5 min?)

I feel like there was more, but I can’t remember 😉

*    *    *    *    *

Today I had a simple 16 min cardio session on my stationary bike. I definitely don’t prefer cycling to running, but my toe injury has me taking it easy. I was surprised at how difficult cycling for 16 minutes was compared to 30 minutes of running. I guess it just goes to show that your body gets used to certain types of exercise 🙂

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