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So what I’ve learned about cold water therapy is that self motivation is much easier than I thought. The first few showers were really invigorating, and fortunately I didn’t have to stand in front of the running water trying to force myself to actually get in.

What my mom made me aware of is that cold showers are actually not good for your skin, because your pores close up when your skin chills. To keep myself from having massive breakouts I’ve been taking two showers a day, one cold in the morning and one hot after I work out in the afternoon.

So far so good though! Another thing I’ve discovered is that on the two days that I skipped my cold shower (yes, I skipped, but only for time’s sake so I could get to work early as planned) I didn’t really need the shower to get me going. Simply deciding that I needed to get my ass in gear and having a goal for each day has been tremendously beneficial for me.

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