Writer’s Life

I am an aspiring novelist specializing in escapist literature. I’ve also done a few short stories that I have yet to publish. I kind of gave up on poetry a while ago, even though I recently was runner-up in a somewhat well known poetry contest. I just feel that my fiction deserves more attention, especially because that’s where my passion lies.

I’m a realist with a rather dark hue to my fiction. For some reason I can’t seem to stay away from the gritty topics. My current novel is a post-apocalyptic story of redemption following two protagonists, a male and female, and for the first time in my life, I feel completely dedicated to telling this story.

My posts on writing will be updates on my novel and any other work I stray to. I will always be rather vague about my stories because I have this unrelinquishable fear of having my work and ideas stolen from me.

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